Who We Are


PSF Mechanical, Inc. is a privately-held company, owned and led by industry professionals who are the best the industry has to offer. They are involved in all aspects of the organization – which creates a continuity to all of the work we do for you.



  • Andy Read

    Andy Read, PE

    President / LEED® AP

    A graduate of WSU, Andy has been with PSF Mechanical since 1997. He began as a project engineer and then moved to project management where his engineering experience and organizational skills paved the way for his roles in executive leadership. He places a high priority on integrating our core values into our work and corporate culture.

  • Andy Read

    Kevin Beardsley

    Vice President

    Kevin Beardsley comes into his role as Vice President of PSF with a diverse set of experience, having made contributions in several areas of the company. He started in project management, working on a wide scale of projects such as the University of Washington, Husky Stadium renovation to the Swedish Weight Loss Services Clinic in Seattle. He then worked within the Information Systems department, where he was dedicated to making internal processes more effective with software application solutions. From there, Kevin worked within the SPTI Team as a Project Executive and worked closely with clients in the execution of fast-track projects. As Vice President, Kevin provides strategic leadership for the SPTI, Service and IS groups by working with the Executive Team to establish goals, strategies, plans, and policies. Kevin graduated from Gonzaga University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in business and also holds a certificate of construction management from the University of Washington.

  • Doug Long

    Doug Long

    Vice President of Finance

    Doug has spent most of his career in the construction industry. Prior to joining PSF Mechanical in 1992, Doug worked for several contractors and obtained his CPA license while working in Public Accounting. He earned a BA in accounting from the University of Washington. Doug is responsible for managing the overall financial structure and goals of the company. Under Doug’s leadership, the Company’s financial strength continues to be rock-solid.

  • John King

    John King

    Vice President of Sales / LEED® AP

    John has been in the mechanical design build industry since 1986. His responsibilities have included engineering and design, project management, and estimating on a wide variety of projects including office, high tech, industrial, retail, biotech, and healthcare. John’s personal knowledge of each project and its design requirements provides him with insight and understanding which is key to a well-developed and executed undertaking. He has a personal approach and an absolute dedication to the needs of his customer.

  • Chris Lawson

    Chris Lawson

    Chief Operations Officer / LEED® AP

    Chris has extensive experience leading teams on a wide variety of projects including medical laboratories, industrial plants, retail projects, and high-rise office and residential facilities. He has worked on projects under a great variety of conditions across the contiguous United States, in remote locations of Alaska and isolated extremes of Russia. Chris’ excellent communication skills and ability to coordinate with other team members led to his selection as our Field Superintendent, then Production Operations Manager, and now Principal and Operations Manager. Chris’ true value is his ability to look beyond the mechanical components and to visualize all building elements as an integrated system.

  • Warren Beardsley

    Warren Beardsley

    Chairman of the Board / LEED® AP

    Warren started in the sheet metal business at PSF Mechanical, Inc. in 1982 after graduating with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. Warren became President of PSF Mechanical, Inc. in 1991, CEO in 1995 and Chairman of the Board in 2010. Serving now as Chairman of the Board, Warren supports the major objectives, plans, and strategies for the company.