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  • The following article was written by Mike Landers, of Bluebeam Software, Inc. and is re-published with permission.

    “What you’re doing, you can do better,” explains Martin Marty, Application Support Specialist/Network Administrator for Seattle-based PSF Mechanical.

    It sounds so simple, yet achieving “better” can be extremely difficult within the world of AEC. While some are quick to point the finger at AEC for being behind the times in terms of technological advancement, it should be noted that AEC is also a world where the work is constant and goes on bid by bid—leaving little time for “trial projects” or “experimentation” that allow firms to develop and improve processes.

    Because the nature of construction revolves around time or lack of it, the increasing value of preconstruction cannot be understated. The approach to the work can dictate success, and companies like PSF are cognizant of the need to streamline, maximize and standardize preconstruction practices aimed at improving lean and achieving standardization.

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  • The following video highlights PSF crews preparing, delivering, and installing sections of a large rooftop air handling unit that was installed at 1616 Eastlake. The sections were crane-lifted and skillfully placed on to the rooftop. Every component of this unit was pre-planned to minimize the work required on location and disruption to building occupants.

  • 5Z6A9880_webLast month, we welcomed clients and partners to an Open House and Client Appreciation Event held in our new corporate headquarters. It was great to get the opportunity to thank our clients for their partnership and support over the years. More than 150 people joined us for amazing local brews, pub food, live music, and a look at what we’ve been up to lately. This year, we certainly have a lot to celebrate, including 25 years under our current leadership, 40 years as a design-build mechanical firm, and 118 years as Puget Sound business leaders.

    Many of the structural elements throughout the facility were handcrafted by members of PSF, including the woodwork of the reception and conference room tables, the stainless logo signage in the lobby and exterior of the building, the steel railings along the stairways and mezzanine, 1,952 linear feet of steel fabricated into standards to support ductwork and lighting, and, of course, the HVAC and plumbing systems.

    Thank you to all that were able to stop by. If you have not yet had a chance to check out our new digs, please do not hesitate to contact us for a tour of the facility. We’d like to also take this opportunity to thank our partners involved in the completion of the facility: Stock & Associates, Ellsworth Builders, Inc., Case Engineering, Holmes Electric, PCS Structural Solutions, and Fluid Concepts.

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    A 6,000-lb. AHU is lifted to the second floor

    As part of a shell and core remodel for the Trupanion TI project, the PSF SPTI crew recently led a delicate operation of installing four vertical, self-contained air handling units (AHUs), on the first two floors of a 5-story building. Two AHUs were installed on the second floor, each weighing approximately 6,000 pounds. They were lifted into a space upstairs with a mere four-inch clearance. Talk about a tight squeeze! These AHUs replace multiple rooftop units (RTUs), and an existing water-cooled heat pump system, which PSF removed along with old duct sections. The new ductwork was CAD-detailed, pre-fabricated, and spooled in our sheet metal shop into sections that could be easily handled at the jobsite, saving on installation time. Crews also replaced old PVC condenser water piping with new steel piping.

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  • For the past two years, the PSF Ambassador Award has given our leadership team the opportunity to acknowledge outstanding individuals or teams that go above and beyond to represent PSF’s corporate values both internally and externally. Recipients of this award, presented with a symbolic silver hard hat, are recognized for their leadership and observable examples of advocacy, collaboration, integrity, reliability and long-term partnerships.

    Congratulations to Project Manager Amy Braun, and Superintendent Mark Stenson, Local 32, for their hard work and dedication to making PSF’s new corporate headquarters a reality this past Spring. “Home” remodels can be especially challenging and both Amy and Mark worked tirelessly to bring it all together. We are grateful for their efforts and look forward to future successes in our new corporate headquarters!


    Amy Braun and Mark Stenson receive the PSF Ambassador Award from COO Chris Lawson