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Jul 30 2013

Integrity Comes From Within

Integrity is a characteristic everyone should agree is important within the business community, but what does integrity really mean in terms of building long-term partnerships? While universal principles such as honesty, reliability, and sound ethics lead to corporate integrity, it is within the overall culture of a company (and the consistent implementation of these key principles) that a firm’s reputation is truly defined. This mindset begins at the top with a commitment to ethical leadership.

Having a culture of integrity built from the top down challenges the subjective nature of integrity. It eliminates temptation to depart from key principles solely to make a quick buck. “Having a culture of integrity means taking the higher ground even if it means we don’t win the project,” says Doug Long, CFO. “It means always presenting plans and systems that are the right solution for the project and the client.”

When you can consistently present solutions that are in your clients’ best interests, rather than your own, it forms long-term partnerships of trust that ultimately stand the test of time.


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