A Responsive, Flexible Approach to Project Delivery

The Special Projects Tenant Improvements (SPTI) Division is so unique because of the project
executives’ relationships with their clients and their more direct and holistic approach in the
field that is catered to meet the needs of each specific project and client. As single points of
contact for their clients, team members bring experience from their diverse backgrounds in
engineering, estimating, fabrication, and plan-spec work. This allows team members to pursue
projects that are best aligned with their individual expertise.

By reducing the number of people involved to the absolute minimum, project communication
is clearer and project execution is more efficient, allowing the SPTI team to be more cost
competitive. Being flexible, resourceful, and pragmatic in their approach, SPTI team members
are able to provide quick response and resolutions to potential obstacles. This is especially
important due to the nature of SPTI projects that are typically logistically-challenging,
quick-turnaround projects containing all the aspects of large projects only compressed into a
much shorter time frame.

The team works on a wide range of projects including energy/sustainability, industrial,
commercial Class A office buildings, laboratory, data centers, manufacturing, retail, critical
environments, life sciences, and healthcare.