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  • Together, our people form our most powerful asset—a rich and diverse team of talented, enthusiastic individuals. Nothing is more important to us than their safety and well-being. Our vision is that, together with our associates, we will create an injury- and illness-free workplace where everyone goes home safe and healthy each day of their working life.

    This vision means all associates and all contractors are dedicated to helping us achieve zero harm by actively caring for one another and taking responsibility for working safely; making certain each individual knows they make a difference; and ensuring everyone has the knowledge, competence, and desire to work safely.

    Safety is ultimately about people, not numbers. The policies, standards, programs, and targets we set are foundational, but they alone will not deliver our safety vision.

    Leadership remains central to our approach. We expect our leaders to be visible and passionate champions for safety. Each willingly accepts accountability for the safety of everyone working in their teams and consistently sets high standards through their behavior.

    Our leaders seek to create a working environment where team members take ownership of their safety and look out for the safety of their workmates. We empower our associates to stop work if they sense it is unsafe.

    Learning is an essential part of driving improvement in safety performance. By sharing knowledge and learning from others—both within and outside our organization—we help prevent incidents from being repeated.

    At PSF Mechanical, every meeting starts with a “safety share,” a chance for associates to briefly describe any safety-related incident and to benefit from open discussion with colleagues, thereby keeping safety top-of-mind and first on every meeting agenda.

    We go beyond the legally required safety standards to make sure we manage risk effectively wherever we work. This practice is a moral imperative for PSF Mechanical, as well as being good for business.

    Ultimately, we believe that safe organizations are successful organizations. They are workplaces that are productive, that deliver great business results, and where associates feel truly engaged in the safety culture.

    PSF’s commitment to safety is the foundation of the way the company operates. It is our number one value and at the heart of our corporate culture.

    Safety – Everyday. Everywhere. Everyone.

  • due diligence guy_72ppi_reducedProper due diligence in the early stages of a project is vital in managing risk. While the term “due diligence” sounds impressive, it simply means thinking things through and doing your homework. As members of a service industry, the primary goal is providing value to clients. However, creating value goes beyond simply providing them with what they want. It’s about advocating for the client and helping them navigate risk by acting as investigators on their behalf by thoroughly gathering, vetting, and analyzing information. While this admonition seems to go without saying, we have all seen examples of financial and reputational costs resulting from poor planning.  
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  • Remote Projects

    Remote projects pose a unique set of challenges. Obstacles like time zone differences, fewer on-site resources, and transportation logistics are just some potential elements to overcome when managing projects that are thousands of miles away. After 35 years of coordinating remote projects for our high-end retail client, we have identified three valuable team attributes, that while especially important on remote projects, enhance all of our projects.

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  • Mar 31 2014

    A Single Source of Truth

    The digital flow of information from building design through to commissioning has allowed for big advances in productivity and precision over the course of a project. Even with this advancement, we continue to look for efficiencies during design and preconstruction so that we may provide further value to our clients, especially through our use of Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM is more than just using the latest software technology, however. It’s about team collaboration, and making sure that everything is understood by all team members by truly managing the underlying value of BIM: information.

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  • When our clients consistently asked that we provide HVAC maintenance and repair services, we created a service department in 2005. We are proud of what this team has accomplished in a relatively short period of time. In the past year, service contracts have increased 58% and we are expecting continued growth of 50% in the next year.

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