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Dec 13 2017

PSF Elevates Safety As Its Cultural Value


A recent article in EHS Journal asked if you could really change safety culture in a company.  At PSF, the answer is an emphatic yes!  According to experts, when it comes to instilling employees with a sense of safety’s importance, changing the culture is key. 

What Constitutes a Safety Culture?

Oddly enough, just what constitutes a safety culture can often be lost on employees.  What helps is driving the point home through sheer repetition and relating workplace safety to everyday situations and activities.  That is precisely the method that PSF Safety leaders have been utilizing, with CEO Wayne as champion.  Since coming on board to helm PSF, Wayne has elevated safety as one of the company’s most important corporate values and in the process is transforming PSF into a safety first organization that’s leading the way in the industry. 

PSF team members treat each other like family; demonstrating a concern for each person’s personal welfare that extends beyond the job. This consistent awareness of safety and how it affects the health and well-being of clients, colleagues and families — is what constitutes a safety culture.

Seven Safety Tips

Listed below are seven tried and time-honored tips to help your organization grow its safety culture:

1. REINFORCE the importance of personal safety to management, co-workers, family, and friends.

2. DEMONSTRATE that safe actions create safe outcomes. Walk the Walk.

3. HIGHLIGHT and reward exemplary safety behavior.

4. RELATE safety rules and regulations to real life

5. EMPHASIZE getting a job done safely over getting a job done quickly.

6. ENCOURAGE “safety shares” during every meeting where attendees provide real-life examples of accidents or near misses at home or on the job.

7. ALLOW employees to talk about near misses. injuries and incidents – everyone will listen.

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