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Jun 26 2013

Toot! Toot!

Yep, we’re going to break the cardinal rule of social media and brag a little bit. We’d like to introduce you to our SPTI (Special Projects Tenant Improvements) Department. The department has been in existence for many years, but over the past two years, they have developed into an especially well-oiled machine that just has us all really excited!

The department is co-led by Mike Gifford, Account Executive who oversees SPTI business development, and Scott Pickler, Superintendent who manages SPTI operations. Together they have re-tooled the department and its processes to fit SPTI’s unique requirements while maintaining PSF’s core values. SPTI projects are primarily short in duration, with compressed schedules, and mechanical budgets less than $2M. The work is often direct to owners or tenants.

SPTI team members are, by necessity, flexible, resourceful and pragmatic in their approach. They’re also excellent multi-taskers wearing many different hats (ie. customer relations, engineering, project management, installation). Their goal is to minimize the number of people involved down to the absolute minimum. As a result, communication with clients is clearer and projects are more efficient, allowing them to be more cost competitive and deliver a better product.

John King, VP of Sales says, “From a big picture standpoint, we have the right people, from account executives and project managers, to the engineers, superintendents, and field personnel.” Gifford adds, “We have a ‘mixed experience bag’ and mixed expertise that allows us to do well on a variety of projects. We’re exposed to all situations and systems. There’s not much we haven’t seen, and each unique situation adds to our expertise.”

SPTI recently completed three floors of renovation for Phase 3 of the Seattle Red Lion Hotel remodel. Philip Simpson of Andersen Construction shared this endorsement:

“PSF is the Special Forces Navy Seals of mechanical. They come in and save me.
They do everything short of repelling out of a helicopter.”


Removing Barriers

The success of the SPTI group would not be possible without the structure put in place by PSF’s executive team. Scott Pickler reports, “We have complete support from the ownership group. They work really hard to remove barriers between projects and personnel so that we always have the resources we need to be successful.” Because of the inter-department flexibility, there is support and sharing of resources and personnel between SPTI, Service and Construction Services. Weekly meetings with all key department managers and personnel enhance collaboration allowing Pickler to schedule manpower very efficiently, make improvements to project schedules, and keep a close eye on budgets. Under-utilized personnel are moved to other projects when needed, or brought in from other departments as required so that all benefit.

This collaboration and efficiency is imperative because the group juggles many projects at one time. As has been done throughout PSF, co-locating SPTI staff has proved to be very beneficial. With Scott and the account executives sharing office space, communication is immediate and any risks are quickly identified and resolved.

Closing words from SPTI:
“We handle the hard as well as the ‘easy peasy’ — we’re geared for the hard stuff, so the easy stuff is just icing. Bring it on!”

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