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Jun 25 2013

Reliability: The Key to Success

Businesses that are unreliable lose their clients. This is one of the main reasons—if not the number one reason—people and companies decide to make a change and work with someone else. It is critical to be recognized by clients as reliable, never overpromising and never under-delivering, always doing what you say you’ll do.

Successful teams must function in the same way. Sales teams need to be able to rely on engineers and technical staff to execute the work committed to; technical staff must be able to rely on production crews to carry out complex installations, who in turn must be able to rely on sales staff to secure steady and meaningful projects.

The key to reliability is clear communication. It must be consistent and include all players: clients, team members, and sub-contractors. This begins with setting high but sensible goals and expectations with clients and partners, and then having the ability and tenacity to see those promises through.

Designing and installing mechanical systems involves as much art as it does science. The end result is not just a system of parts and smarts but a physical environment that has been created. The client’s perception of that environment is what deems the project a success, and the true test of reliability for a company comes when something breaks down or there is a perception that things could be better. The fact that a problem has arisen is not generally the issue. The ability to quickly respond  to and resolve problems is what keeps clients coming back.

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