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Apr 29 2013

Going Beyond the Transactions

UW Husky Stadium Team

UW Husky Stadium Team

We are motivated by people and firms who embrace the value of long-term partnerships and mutual benefits that can be achieved beyond the initial sales transaction. Long-term partnerships foster a give-and-take understanding between parties, creating synergies of knowledge and adaptability for those involved.

“By focusing on these long-term relationships, we are able to become a true partner in reducing project risks, and understanding our clients’ standard business practices,” says John King, PSF Principal and VP of Sales. “Our clients in turn benefit from a consulting and advocacy relationship because we help them develop design standards and requirements that meet their specific needs. We get hired by good clients to mitigate their risk in the budget, design, construction, and operational aspects of a project. Bottom line, these relationships make doing business enjoyable, and isn’t that what we all want?”

Fostering long-term partnerships begins internally. It is an all-encompassing effort involving our people, corporate culture, processes, priorities, and structures. Our relationships are built on trust, mutual respect and encouragement for each other. It is the cornerstone of teamwork and provides strength in unity and greater efficiencies in what we do, which is ultimately rewarding for our team as well as our partners.


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