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Mar 26 2013

We don’t want you to think about us.

This may seem a bit counterintuitive when thinking about growth in the midst of a changing/fluctuating/shifting/unpredictable (circle all that apply) construction market. Like many smart companies have done following the Great Recession, we decided it was time to take a long look in the mirror to weigh the value we’re delivering to our clients.

We dove deep into our client partnerships to make sure we understand and are providing what you value most. One thing that consistently rose to the surface was how well we strive to be an advocate for our clients and help them navigate risk. Our CEO, Andy Read, said recently, “If we’re doing our job well, our clients think about us the least.” You’re sleeping comfortably because there’s one less thing to worry about. And when you sleep well, we sleep well too.

Your success is our success, is your success…Zzzzzzzzz.

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